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This rider contains the band members, instruments, stage plot and sound requirements, Please note that sound requirements can be supplemented according to what you are able to provide. Please notify Red Rain Management in advance if any of the riders is substituted:

The band members are:

  • Michael Turner : Lead Vocals and Acoustic Guitar

  • Bass Guitar

  • Lead Guitar

  • Drums

We will need the following from you:

  • Drum kit including drum throne (in order to mic up the drum kit, We will need all necessary cables. i.e. XLR cables)

  • Bass guitar amp- 3-4 DI boxes (direct inputs)- PA system – amps, speakers (mid/hi bins and subs), monitors, 16 channel desk and snake (minimum), All necessary cables (mic, speaker and power cables),

  • 16 channel snake with returns (20-30 meters long) **This is needed for OUTDOOR Events Only.

  •  4-5 monitors (2 minimum)

  • 3 monitor mixes (2 minimum)

  • Power to stage and front of house

  • CD player

  • Effects unit/reverb unit (if possible)

  • Spare Acoustic Guitar if possible

We supply the following: 

Acoustic guitar

Bass guitar

Electric guitars


Jack cables for guitars

Minidisk player

Mics for drums and vocals

In Ear Monitoring System

Thank you very much for your time organizing all of the above, We look forward to meeting with you soon.  Please contact us in advance at, to confirm all of the above requirements.

Kind Regards Red Rain Management

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